Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Lung Cancer

Posted On 2019-05-27 09:26:58

The field of lung cancer management is rapidly evolving because of the introduction of newer treatment modalities like stereotactic radiotherapy. The purpose of this focused issue on Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Lung Cancer is to discuss current paradigms and controversies on relevant and practical topics related to the use of lung SABR that face the modern oncologist in daily treatment decisions.


Turning up the stereo in lung cancer
Alexander V. Louie, Joe Y. Chang

Review Article

Stereotactic ablative radiation therapy for operable early-stage lung cancer—considerations and controversies
Christopher P. Daniels, Drew Moghanaki, Shankar Siva

Practical considerations of lung stereotactic ablative radiotherapy in the developing world
David Asher, Pablo Munoz-Schuffenegger, Wellington F. P. Neves-Junior, Heloisa A. Carvalho, Alan Dal Pra, Fabio Y. Moraes

Certainty versus practicality: when is histologic proof needed prior to stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for solitary pulmonary nodules?
Andrew J. Arifin, Alexander V. Louie

Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for central and ultra-central lung tumors
Aadel A. Chaudhuri, Kevin Chen, Maximilian Diehn, Billy W. Loo Jr

Response assessment and surveillance following stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for lung cancer
Dominique Mathieu, Houda Bahig

Is radiotherapy the missing link to enhancing the outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with immunotherapy?
Ritchell van Dams, David Raben, Percy Lee

A proton primer to stereotactic lung radiotherapy
Ankur Markand Sharma, Charles B. Simone II, Jill Remick, Emily Kowalski, Mark V. Mishra

Stereotactic radiotherapy in previously treated lung cancers—what are the risks?
Andrea Riccardo Filippi, Andrea Lancia, Marco Trovo

Stereotactic body radiotherapy for lung cancer in patients with interstitial lung disease
Hiroshi Onishi