Article Abstract

Successful treatment of locally advanced small-cell carcinoma of the hypopharynx with radiotherapy and cetuximab combination: a case report

Authors: Yu-Hsuan Huang, Tung-Hao Chang, Jhen-Bin Lin, Mu-Tai Liu, Chu-Ping Pi, Chia-Chun Huang, Li-Chung Hung, Tsai-Wei Chou, Pao-Yu Tseng


As small-cell carcinoma rarely occurs in the hypopharynx, limited cases have been reported to date. Here we report the case of an 81-year-old male with locally advanced small-cell carcinoma originating from the pyriform sinus. Using imaging studies, the disease was staged as cT2N3bM0 based on the American Joint Committee on Cancer 8th edition, with an enhanced heterogeneous mass lesion (15 mm × 25 mm × 29 mm) in the right pyriform sinus and confluent lymphadenopathies along the right cervical chain (up to 79 mm), encasing and compressing the right common carotid artery and right internal jugular vein. Considering his tolerance issues for concurrent chemoradiation (CCRT), instead of selecting CCRT using the etoposide and cisplatin regimen, definitive radiotherapy (RT) combined with biotherapy with cetuximab was selected. After 7-month treatment, complete response was observed on contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance image, with no enhancing lesion.